15 000 tf press was commissioned 35 years ago in pressing forging shop of EMSS

15,000 tf automated forging complex on the basis of a hydraulic press with a manipulator 120 t  load capacity was commissioned on 7 August 1982. For Energomashspetsstal commissioning of the existing complex was of great importance for the further development of nuclear power engineering and provided additional capacity of 30 thousand tons of forgings per year.

032_Торжественный митинг - Пуск_пресса 15 тыс.т.с 1982_More than 50 years ago, the Castings and Forgings Plant was created as a base enterprise for the provision of heavy engineering, primarily in the Donbass, heavy castings, forgings and welded blanks. Forging pressing production of EMSS was intended to provide enterprises of power and heavy engineering with unique forged blanks with the weight up to 250 t, such as for example the shafts of powerful hydroturbines and power generators, turbine disks and rotors for steam and gas turbines, nuclear power plants, rolling mill rolls and others.

A feature of this production is actually complete automation. For this purpose, an automated forging complex 15,000 tf based on a hydraulic press with lifting capacity of 120 tons is installed in the forging pressing shop No. 1. The first testing of the press on load in hot operation was successfully conducted by a team of forging press operators, led by an experienced specialist V.E. Portnyaga. In processing there was an ingot with the weight more than 70 t.

Today, capacities of Energomashspetsstal forging pressing production allow manufacturing forgings with weight up to 300 t from carbon, alloyed, corrosion and heat-resistant steels using ingots up to 420 t. There are no more than ten enterprises in Europe that can produce such large-sized and complex products. FPS-1 doesn’t have competitors in Ukrainian market in this direction.