The competition of professional skills revealed the best specialists of EMSS

In PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” there was a traditional competition of professional skill “Best in profession” dedicated to the Day of Machine Builder. Annually, the competition is held to encourage the professional skill of workers in the workplace, to popularize the working professions, to provide opportunities for demonstrating individual skills.

IMG_1299This year 14 employees of PJSC “EMSS” took part in the competition “Best in Profession”, professors: turner on CNC machines, turner-borer on CNC machines and crane operator with radio control.

The contest took place in two days – on September 12th and 14th. According to the conditions of the competition participants had to fulfill theoretical and practical tasks. During summarizing the results, the following indicators were taken into account: quality of work, compliance with time standards, production culture, observance of labor protection rules and knowledge of theory.

As a result, Denis Rubanov, turner on CNC machine tools, became the winner of the professional work among turners on CNC machines, 5th rank (MS), in second place – Anton Fedorenko – turner on CNC machines, 4th rank (MS), closes the top three Dmitry Lukashev is a turner on CNC machines, 3 rd rank(MS).

Dmitri Melashchenko, turner-borer on CNC machines, 4th rank (CNC), 1st place among turners on boring machines with CNC, Alexander Matorin – turner-borer on CNC machines, 4th rank (MS) and 3rd place – Konstantin Yakimov – turner-borer on CNC machines, 4th rank (MS).

Dmitry Semenenko, the preparer of the steel casting ditches of the 5th rank (EAFS), was the best among the machinists of the crane with radio control, Alexei Musienko, the preparer of the steel spillway of the 5th rank (EAFS), took the second place, the third place was occupied by Sergei Kleyno, the preparer of the 6th rank steel ditches (ESPC).

As a result of the competition, the winners and all participants were awarded with diplomas, prizes and corporate gifts.