Energomashspetsstal will manufacture and supply to the Polish plant ELTECH the parts for power equipment

PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” has started production of a new batch of blanks for the mechanical plant “ELTECH”.

IMG_5984 зак 655292 ролики UMPThe order will be executed within the framework of the contract concluded between EMSS and Zaklad Mechaniczny ELTECH sp.z.o.o in 2011. The volume of this delivery will include 12 rollers with a total weight of 90.2 tons. The parts intended for the manufacture of electric machines will be delivered to the city of Elblag (Poland) in August-September 2017. On the EMSS products will be pre-machined. “ELTECH” LLC provides services in the field of machining by cutting heavy, spatial parts of machines manufactured for shipbuilding, foundry, energy, machine building, and other industries.