Milestone events

·         Year 2013

Turbine blade with complete machining was produced at EMSS
PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” discovered a new niche in the world market of products for energy sector. For the first time in the history of the plant it was produced turbine impeller blade with complete machining. After completing a full cycle of production of one of the most important elements of the “heart” of HPP, the company has once again vouched its bet on manufacturing products with high degree of machining.

Shell was produced at EMSS under innovative technology
At Energomashspetsstal it was produced shell from hollow ingot. Our company was the only one in Eastern Europe, which has mastered the technology to produce these high quality new products.

At EMSS it was successfully completed the project for the production of giant roll weighing 255 tons
At Energomashspetsstal it was implemented the scale project for the production of support roll for plate mill “5000” from the unique ingot weighing 412 tons. The roll itself, the customer of which is JSC “Severstal” is also unique, it weighs 255 tons. Successful implementation of this project will allow EMSS will be one of  the five largest plants in the world, able to produce such products. Tonnage ingots weighing 415 tons became nomenclature of Energomashspetsstal. Solid forged roll was shipped to the customer in April, and in May the specialists of EMSS first time in the world has produced another product from ingot weighing 415 tons – solid forged billet of anvil for die hammer.

Bridge crane of new generation: new electric bridge crane 50/12.5 is successfully running in metallurgical equipment shop
This transporter is able to move parts weighing up to 50 tons, meets not only modern technical requirements, but also all safety regulations. One of the main advantages of the new crane is crane radio remote control, which allows the operator performing transportation operations from any point of view.

Large hammer frame was produced at Energomashspetsstal
The new hammer frame, completely machined at EMSS and sent to the customer, cut the record of its predecessor. This product became higher for 325 mm and the weight of casting was 72.3 tons, and final product – 61 tons.
Difficulty of frame manufacturing was in the form and dimensions of cast, whose height was 3520 mm, length and width – 2800 and 1400 mm, respectively.

PJSC “EMSS” became a party to the project to create a new generation of nuclear icebreakers
Under the project, our company will produce blanks of case equipment for the reactors RITM-200. Except for Energomashspetsstal, in project described by media as “new challenge for AEM”, it will take part three more companies of engineering division of the State Corporation “Rosatom”.

For the first time in the world specialists of EMSS produced large solid-forged billet for anvil from ingot weighing 415 tons
In the middle of May at Energomashspetsstal it was entered the record: an ingot weighing 415 tons was forged for anvil billet for die hammer. And if other companies before casted such huge parts of nearly 5 meters of length, and with width and height – about 2.5 meters from two halves, which then was joined by electro slag welding, EMSS first time n the world was able to produce solid forged anvil from unique ingot.

Press forging shop celebrated the 35th anniversary of the foundation!
Having put into operation 35 years ago, the press forging shop number 1 starting from production of first forgings began solve strategic problems of the Soviet Union. Up to date, PFS-1 in many respects is still one of the best among the structural units of the plant.

At EMSS it was introduced MAGMASOFT – one of the world’s best software to simulate casting processes
This software is one of the best in the world for complex engineering calculations and simulation of casting processes. The program allows predicting the place of formation of possible defects and significantly facilitates the work of founders connected with assessing the technological parts.

EMSS was issued a license for 60 professions
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issued EMSS license for vocational training of workers for 60 professions. Center for training and professional development (CT&PD) is ready to open its doors for those who want to learn in the workplace. State approved document issued by EMSS will be equivalent to vocational school diploma.

– At the EMSS started the implementation of Rosatom production system (PSR)
– Energomashspetsstal became one of the first industrial companies in Ukraine, which has passed the audit of energy management system of all production according to ISO 50001:2011.

The certification body of management systems and personnel TUV-Thuringen (Germany) confirmed: EMSS uses energy management system in accordance with the international standard.

·         Year 2012

Thanks to the support of the State Corporation “Rosatom” and its mechanical engineering division – JSC “Atomenergomash” – at PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” it was completed a seven-year program of production modernization
The volume of investments in the modernization of EMSS exceeded 300 million. USA dollars. Investments were directed to complete upgrade of production base of enterprise, including steel melting, forging and heating, machining production. “With completion of the modernization Energomashspetsstal became the only company in the CIS, which was licensed and permitted to supply forgings and equipment for all, without exception, the world’s largest manufacturers in the nuclear power engineering”, – said General Director of the State Corporation “Rosatom” Sergey Kiriyenko during his visit to EMSS in November 2012.

Corporate newspaper of PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” “Rabochaya Tribuna” celebrated the 35-year anniversary

It was put into operation a new steelmaking complex DSP-70 allowing to melt 70 tons of metal every 55 minutes, which is 3.5 times faster than the existing equipment
The value of new equipment is not only in production capacity, but also in ability to provide the European level of environmental safety.

PJSC “EMSS” was fully integrated into the supply chain of products for nuclear island “Atomenergomash”
The enterprise is able to produce a number of key blanks for nuclear power plants, including the shell for VVER, housing of the main circulation pump, machine room equipment.

– It was implemented a large-scale project for the production of unique roll ingot weighing 415 tons
The roll itself, the customer of which is JSC “Severstal” became also unique, its weight was 255 tons. EMSS is the only enterprise in the post-Soviet space, capable to produce very large mill rolls weighing from 70 to 225 tons.
Mill roll is replaceable tool of rolling mill, designed for direct compression of the metal and appropriate shaping.

It was implemented the technology of vacuum oxygen decarburization of steel (VOD)
This became possible thanks to the upgrading of existing steel degassing installation. Mastering of VOD- process enabled to start remelting of high-alloyed scrap without losses of chromium, reducing the use of ferroalloys. VOD-process – a way to expand grades of high-alloy steel, increasing profitability of production of stainless steel grades and costs reduction.

·         Year 2011

– Production at EMSS of the unique roll from ingot 355 tons
Specialists of EMSS completed billet manufacturing for unique back-up roll of plate mill Laiwu Steel Group (China) weighing more than 169 tons. The product of such scale was produced at JSC “Energomashspetsstal” for the first time. Net roll weight was more than 165 tons, overall length – about 10 m, diameter of barrels was more than 2 m.

Open Joint Stock Company “Energomashspetsstal” was reorganized in Public Joint Stock Company “Energomashspetsstal”

The first experiment hollow ingot was cast at EMSS
Plant “Energomashspetsstal” began a program of mastering the production of parts such as cylinder made of hollow ingots. April 28th in Arc Furnace Shop it was cast first experiment hollow ingot weighing 69.6 tons.

PJSC “Energomashspetsstal” has successfully passed the certification of production quality for nuclear power plants
Head Industry Certification Commission of nuclear power objects of Ukraine (GOAK) pointed out significant contribution to the modernization of production facilities, good training of enterprise specialists, laboratories and services equipping with modern and test equipment that is the key to a stable and successful operation of the enterprise for the production of high quality products.

In the thermal shop it was commissioned the new vertical sprayer for hardening of large rotors
This significantly increased the capacity of the enterprise: there is some flexibility to control the hardening process, and the possibility of increased boundary area along the length of part up to 11 meters.

– for EMSS year 2011 was a year of atom mastering
In 2011, the technical management has developed and successfully implemented unique technological processes of forging of large shells for nuclear power plants with a diameter of more than 4.5 m (ingot 205 tons, forging 125 tons) from steel grades 15Х2НМФА and 10ГН2МФА.
It was able to reduce the weight of the ingot used for the steam generator PGV-1000MKP from 173 tons to 152 tons.
It was developed technological processes and serial production of unique stamped and forged forgings of elbow bends of centering main pump running in the first cooling circuit of a nuclear reactor.
It was developed, mastered and implemented in the production processes of forging and heat treatment of billets for pipes of main circulation piping and main circulation pump with length of 4.6 and 7.6 m of steel grade 10ГН2МФА.
It was developed, mastered and implemented in the production the processes of forging and heat treatment of unique propeller shafts with length of 24 m (ingot weight is 117.5 tonsf, weight of forgings is 83 tons) of steel grade 28Mn6.
Based on technology TC it was successfully completed hot production of three mill rolls made of steel grade 45Х3МФА hydro shaft (weight of forgings from 196 tons up to 208 tons) from unique large-sized ingot weighing 355 tons.
Based on advanced forge technology it was produced for Japanese company TOSHIBA unique forging of hydro shaft weighing 143 tons from ingot 205 tons of steel grade A668 (E).

In the thermal shop it was put into operation new oil tank
With its help during quenching of parts occurs uniformly cooling of billets throughout the length in the quench tank, thus achieving high performances for mechanical properties within prescribed range. Modernization of the tank is one of the stages of integrated modernization of forging and heating production to produce high quality products.

At EMSS it was mastered new technology of small rolls production
For the production of back-up rolls for plate hot rolling mills it was mastered by our enterprise new high-alloyed steel grade with low carbon content 45Х3М1Ф. Earlier in the territory of Ukraine and the CIS steels similar chemical composition for the production of rolls were not applied.

EMSS first time participated and won the national stage of the third contest of the CIS and became contender for the title of laureate of the competition for the Award of the Commonwealth of Independent States of year 2011 for achievements in the field of quality of products and services in the nomination “Production of industrial products”.

In forging shop it was opened site of machining
To avoid transporting of forgings from PFS to the MTS and SME, it was decided to create the conditions for roughing directly in PFS. This scheme will reduce the Load on in-plant rail connection, save forgings transmission time and thus increase productivity.

·         Year 2010

– The plant “EMSS” won the All-Ukrainian competition “100 Best Products of Ukraine”
Generator rotor of JSC “Energomashspetsstal” named one of the best products of year 2009, following the results of All-Ukrainian competition of products quality of goods and services “100 Best Products of Ukraine”. Rotor is a key element of the power plant, which is required to provide absolutely trouble-free operation of the whole system. To ensure a high reliability the rotor billet must have a unique combination of properties: magnetic properties, resistance to thermal effect, brittle temperature, hardness, fracture toughness, etc. Rotor billet of JSC “EMSS” submitted to the competition was estimated by experts at 15 criteria. The victory in this contest became another one confirmation that the JSC “EMSS” is the absolute leader in the steel market.

It was created the new site of Differentiated Heat Treatment
One of the areas of modernization of workshops “EMSS” was the construction of new site of differential heat treatment of backup rolls of rolling mills. According to the project, the site of differential heat treatment should provide heat treatment up to 400 rolls per year with maximum weight of 200 tons, the length of the barrel 1205-4230 mm, diameter of the barrel 1200-2220 mm and a total length of 4700-10020 mm. Start up of new site of differential heat treatment at EMSS will propel production to the next level, bring quality products with brand EMSS to the requirements of the world market, which will open for our company new opportunities to work with customers on rolls manufacturing for rolling mills of domestic and foreign industry.

At EMSS it was mastered the production of back-up rolls for plate rolling mills
Thanks to the development of new technologies, commissioning of site for differential heat treatment of rolls, modernization of machining park and press capabilities of 15000 ton-force, plant “Energomashspetsstal” was able to produce for JSC “MK Azovstal” back-up rolls for TLS-3600 weighing more than 86 tons. The quality of the rolls on all indicators meets the requirements of technical standards and demands of the consumer.

modernization and technical re-equipment of production facilities is continued at EMSS
To improve the quality of products, production volumes, expanding the range of products and increase competitiveness at JSC “Energomashspetsstal” it is performed modernization of machining equipment with installation of new, machines with high-performances, including CNC, resulting in achieving higher production rates at lower costs.

– General Director of JSC “EMSS” Maxim Yefimov was awarded the Order for Merit III degree
On behalf of the President of Ukraine according to the Decree No. 761/2009 “About conferring state awards of Ukraine on Machine Builders” Maxim Yefimov was awarded the Order for Merits III degree.

– New products mastering at EMSS: against order of AEM TECHNOLOGY plant “Energomashspetsstal” manufactured equipment for nuclear power
For the first time JSC “Energomashspetsstal” produced for its long-standing partners the products for nuclear power – a complex shape forgings for reactor plant VVER-1000.

JSC “EMSS” was honored by high awards of Assembly of business circles of Ukraine
International Non-Governmental Organization Assembly of business circles within the frames of international image program “Leaders of the XXI Century” for the development and effective use of advanced technologies in the professional field, development and implementation of innovative solutions has awarded products and services of JSC “EMSS” honourable distinction “Millennium International Award”. Assembly of business circles also awarded our company conformity marks “High competitiveness” and “Mark of perfection” to be given to the best in its categories of goods and services of Ukrainian origin. In the frames of the “National Competitiveness” for high quality of products and services, competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets the Mark of conformity “High competitiveness” was awarded the billet of hydro shaft produced by of JSC “EMSS”. For the production of goods and provision of services meeting main national and international standards in all parameters “Mark of perfection” was awarded the generator rotor manufactured by JSC “EMSS”.

Engineering Center of JSC “EMSS” is 5 years
Engineering Center of JSC “EMSS” was established 1st of August, 2005 and now is successfully developing production unit of the plant. Itss main task is to carry out reconstruction and modernization of the company’s equipment and improve the quality of the products in accordance with the requirements of the world market and expand the range of products.

EMSS executed a large order for the production of hydro shaft for energy facilities of Boguchanskaya HPP
The first large blank of hydro shaft (Boguchanskaya HPP) made of steel 20 ГС weighing 90.36 tons was produced in cooperation with JSC “Turboatom” for the first time. Successful shipment of billet with JSC “EMSS” was carried out on 3rd of September. The second shaft was manufactured and shipped in October this year. Successful implementation of the PO for supply of  hydraulic shafts for JSC “Siloviye Mashiny” in St. Petersburg allowed JSC “EMSS” expanding its market and increase the supply of manufactured products for the energy industry.

Global scale achievement: in the first time in Ukraine JSC “EMSS” has produced a unique ingot weighing 355t for back up roll against the order of THYSSENKRUPP MATERIALS FRANCE
In September 2010, the plant “EMSS” has successfully completed pouring ingots weighing 355 tons against the order of the company THYSSENKRUPP MATERIALS FRANCE, France, Versailles. In the domestic industry ingots hang of such weight has not yet been cast. Back up roll for rolling mill, which will be made from this ingot, is a unique product: length – over 10 m, diameter of barrel – more than 2 m. Net weight of the roll is more than 166 tons.

JSC “EMSS” was included in the Engineering Division of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” – JSC “Atomenergomash”