Acceptance of blanks for the power unit No. 3 of the Akkuyu NPP at EMSS

“Energomashspetsstal” PJSC was visited by delegation of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency NRA (NDK), Republic of Turkey. The purpose of the visit was the acceptance of four blanks intended for the manufacture of steam generators for power unit No. 3 of the Akkuyu NPP (Turkey). The contract for the manufacture of blanks by EMSS PJSC for the third power unit of the station was signed in 2020.

Acceptance of products took place from 22nd to 26th of February. The acceptance inspection committee included four inspectors from NDK: Mahmut Semeoglu, Muhammet Burak Hasbolat, Ahmet Taçildiz, Emre Gürkan.

The inspection work program included checking the test reports and checking fulfillment of all technological stages of blanks manufacturing, visual and dimensional inspection of four blanks of the primary collector flange for the third unit of the Akkuyu NPP and control of blanks preservation. In addition, within the framework of the visit, a number of meetings were held on the issues of products manufacturing for the first NPP in Turkey.

During the inspection, it was shown to the representatives of the NDK the technological capabilities of EMSS directly in the production workshops of the enterprise. NDK experts received information on product quality assurance at all stages of the full production cycle from metal melting to transportation of blanks. Also, NDK inspectors got acquainted with the capabilities of the Central Plant Laboratory to conduct tests for the quality control of manufactured blanks.

At the end of the visit, the head of the inspection group Mahmut Semeoglu thanked the management of EMSS PJSC for the excellent organization of the inspection, warm welcome, friendliness and cooperation. Representatives of the NDK expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the manufactured products. The products passed the acceptance inspection in full, there were no nonconformities in the production process, and the quality plans were fulfilled. The received products are preserved and being prepared for shipment to the customer.

The next acceptance of products for the Akkuyu NPP is scheduled for March 30, 2021.

The Akkuyu nuclear power plant is being built in the Republic of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast in the Mersin province. The project provides for the construction of four power units with a capacity of 1200 MW each. The design life of the Akkuyu NPP is 60 years, with the possibility of extension.