The steel ingot with a mass of 415 tons was manufactured at EMSS PJSC for shell production by reactor vessel of the unit No. 3 of the Akkuyu NPP

At Energomashspetsstal PJSC, the next stage of production of a large-sized shell of the reactor pressure vessel core for power unit No. 3 of the Akkuyu NPP (Turkey) has been completed. An ingot weighing 415 tons, intended for the manufacture of this shell, was cast in the electric steel-making shop at Energomashspetsstal PJSC on March 2, 2021

Currently, the ingot has been delivered to the automated forging complex AFC-15000 ton-forces for forging. Mechanical processing by products will be made on a boring lathe Qiqihaer Heavy CNC Equipment Co, which was specially purchased by the enterprise for large-size shells. Completion of manufacturing, reactor vessel shells are planned in the III quarter of 2021. The net weight of the product after the end of the machining process will be 119.55 tons, diameter – 4.6 m, height – 5.3 meters.

The contract for the manufacture of blanks for the reactor vessel of power unit No. 3 of the Akkuyu NPP was signed by EMSS PJSC in 2020. According to the signed contract, EMSS PJSC will manufacture and supply to the customer 10 parts of the reactor vessel Water-cooled Power Reactor -1200, including large-sized shell. To date, 9 of 10 parts reactor vessel already made and shipped to the customer. Now in the production of EMSS PJSC is the last, the largest blanks – the shell of the reactor pressure vessel core Water-cooled Power Reactor -1200.

In addition to the reactor vessel for power unit No. 3 of the Akkuyu NPP at EMSS PJSC produces blanks for a steam generator, collector, bottom, main circulation pump, main circulation pipeline and pressure compensator.

Remember that, Energomashspetsstal PJSC supplies blanks for the first nuclear power plant in Turkey since 2016. During this time at Energomashspetsstal PJSC was manufactured and shipped 4,763 tons of blanks for the key equipment of the 1st and 2nd units of the Akkuyu NPP. The enterprise has manufactured hundreds of parts for the reactor vessel, steam generators, pressure compensator, main circulation pumping unit (MCPU), main circulation pipeline and other equipment of the nuclear island. In supervisory audits of the enterprise and acceptance inspections of manufactured products, together with the customer, inspectors of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency of the Turkey Republic (NRA) take part on an ongoing basis.

The Akkuyu  nuclear power plant is being built in the south coast of Turkey.  The Akkuyu nuclear power plant project provides for the construction of four power units with (Water-cooled Power Reactor) reactors a capacity of 1200 MW each. It is planned that after the commissioning of all the units, the Akkuyu NPP will generate about 35 billion kWh per year. This volume is enough to provide 90% of electricity to such a large city as Istanbul. The station will cover up to 10% of Turkey’s electricity needs.